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Where to Find a Good Content Marketing Idea?

Content marketing strategies help create a good brand reputation, attract customers’ loyalty, display an expert point of view, engage, etc. That’s why we should pay more and more attention to this marketing sector. Online content you publish on your site, corporate blog or social media has to be valuable and shareable. But where can you find that content marketing idea that has all chances to get a noticeable social feedback?

Content marketing idea generation

  • Sales department. These professionals are in the center of your brand development and communication. They can inform you about trendy things, share some data on sales number and tendencies, etc.
  • Support service. This service is directly connected with actual needs and problems of your clients. Learn what worries your customers most of all, make a list of problematic questions and give answers in the scope of your content marketing strategy.
  • Interviews with experts. Expert point of view and support for your brand is a powerful basement to build an authoritative position of your company in the market. Their interviews can be a really great content marketing idea that makes visitors return to your site for more expert reports and evaluations.
  • News & Events tracking/News jacking. Always keep your eyes on the ball! You should be informed about all recent, especially scandal or very noisy, news in your niche and show them through the prism of your own business and interests. This will help you be visible.
  • Quiz for customers. Ask your customers what they would like to read about, what they are worried about, what they expect from your brand. Create you marketing content strategy directly basing on the needs of your clients. To give something you are wanted/expected to give is a really winning choice.

Good luck and make wise choices in you online content creation ;)

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