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Social Media Tools for Brands and Their Missions

Social Media Tools for Brands and Their Missions

Social media are not just the way to interact with your direct customers. Social platforms have become a huge marketing stage where new promoting tools appear every day. They are available on a free or paid basis, and have different level of effectiveness and analysed areas.

First of all, let’s define the main missions of a brand that are followed on social media. Then, you will get acquainted with a number of useful tools to build your social strategy, implement it on the best social media sites, get benefits and measure its effectiveness.

1. To find and listen. Find your targeted audience and examine their character (lifestyle, needs, preferences, interests, etc.).

Tools: Meltwater, Brandwatch, Trendrr, Viralheat, Socialmenton, etc.

2. To talk. Discuss customers’ problems with them. Be a solution, hint, and help! Engage them into conversation, create new interesting topics, and explain problematic issues.

Tools: Postling, Spredfast, Hootsuite, Argylesocail, etc.

3. To promote and sell. Create and manage social media campaigns, promote your products and boosts sales.

Tools: Engagesciences, Buddymedia, Shoutlet, Agorapulse, etc.

4. To analyze and measure. Measure the level your social media strategy influence on your brand, its reputation, sales growth, etc. Point out the most effective way, develop them and invest. Get rid of social media tools and techniques that do not drive profit.

Tools: Sproutsocial, Sourcemetrics, Crowdbooster, Socialbakers, Simply Measured, etc.

5. Influence and encourage influencers. Build a strong connection with brand advocates – devoted fans of your products. Be thankful; encourage them to stand for your reputation. Collaborate with industry influencers, top people who are well-known in your niche. Make profit of their influence.

Tools: Klout, Peekanalytics, Grouphigh, Ppinions, etc.

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