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Instagram Ads: New Tools for Advertisers

Instagram Ads: New Tools for Advertisers

One more social network and photo sharing app Instagram proposed its own advertising tools for brand promotion on social media platforms. Instagram is represented in the online market mainly as an application for mobile devices and desktop version that are quite limited in options.

Instagram ads or so called Sponsored posts will appear in a user’s feed together with other pic stuff. But these will be marked with a special label at the top right corner that indicates that a user sees a sponsored image.  At the bottom right corner, you will be offered with another button that allows hiding an Instagram ad or explaining what ads are more interesting for you. Thus, the service could display only relevant ads in your feed.

Instagram Ads: New Tools for AdvertisersThe test sponsored posts on Instagram will appear in users’ feeds in the coming week. If you are a resident of the United States, you will see some pieces of Instagram advertising.

The service officials claim that the launch of the advertising on Instagram will not change the general character of the social platform. This is still a spot where you can inspire and get inspired by creative casual photos of your friends, celebrities and other people you’d like to follow. The interface will remain simple as it is now. Instagram ads will become a complementary service for those who are interested in doing business on Instagram.

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