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Freelance Employment: How to Escape Traps?

Freelance Employment: How to Escape Traps?

Online network is not the most safety place to do business, create new collaborations, especially, freelance ones. How to find an appropriate professional freelancer for your project? How to successfully cope with task management of freelance worker? How not to lose money in freelance employment? All these important questions will be answered in the tips below.

1. Before to start working freelance, create an agreement where you should precise all details and mechanisms of the deal.
2. Write a detailed technical task. Do not adjust it for a certain performer. It has to be adjusted for your project purposes only.
3. Discuss this technical task with your freelance worker. Be sure that both sides understand which tasks they are charged with.
4. A freelance worker should deal with task managing. Revise regularly on which stage the project is, which tasks are in work now, etc.
5. Pay only for executed work. Very often, receiving money in advance, freelancers forget to accomplish the project or play along.
6. Learn the reviews of a freelancer given by the previous employers.
7. Scrutinize a candidate, his appropriateness to your requirements.
8. Look through different variants and choose the best one (not the first one).
9. Give your freelance worker a test job to experience your collaboration chances.
10. Haggle over price. The well-done work has to be paid properly. But sometimes the freelance worker bids are unreasonably high. Negotiations will help solve this problem.

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